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TEAMS- You can order any time, you do NOT need to order in a session. Always Contact Us prior to ordering. Please use the Team Orders link at the top of this page. You are not limited to the designs and fabrics you see here. We will uniform match your design and fabric from a photo for you. Give your team a design that's uniquely yours! Let's talk!

7/22/14 Bows by April Ordering Process Update!

You no longer need to go to a separate web address or use a separate log in to buy ready to ship bows (Formerly BbA Express)!! I have updated the website to include all bows that are ready to purchase and ship. Bows available now will show up as In Stock and can be found in all categories. You can now sort by In Stock bows and see what's ready to order now. This will change frequently. This includes the Build A Bow Studio Lite. Bows listed as In Stock will leave the Bow Studio in 3 weeks or less (almost always WAY less, but I do get busy!! Write me prior to ordering if you want to know the current turn around time that day). All other bows on the website will still be available for purchase in frequent ‘sessions’ announced on all of my social media accounts (links above). Some sessions will be announced with lots of prior notice, others will be last minute decisions based on my current workload. As we are still in the busy season, there will be lots of last minute mini sessions (no Build A Bow Studio- other than the Lite version mentioned above). Mini session and session orders leave the Bow Studio in 4 weeks or less (Again, almost always less, I just like to be safe. Thus far, no mini session orders have ever waited more than 2 weeks). I hope you like the new process, I really think you will. It allows me more freedom to handle any of your bow-mergencies that may pop up. Feel free to write me at any time and let me know what you are looking for and, if time allows, I can put one of those bows in stock for you to grab real quick. This will definitely depend on my current work load, but it's at least an option now!

If you are new to Bows by April and wondering what's going on- Bows by April does ordering for most bows on the website in ‘sessions’ (short time frames where I put all bows on the website in stock). This allows me to manage demand and keep my promised turnaround times. I give EVERY order personal and customized attention. Each bow is made especially for you when you order it. My bows are not from stock. This allows you to specify bow colors and add ons, such as adding Swarovski crystals or adding additional pony holders. The product photos you see (unless otherwise noted) are simply examples and you can order the bow as pictured or ask for it to be made in any colors you wish (Please note: Certain colors/styles/materials do not work well with each other, so if there’s an issue, I will write you when I receive your order.) As always, feel free to use the Contact Us form and I will reply to you, during business hours, within an hour or so.

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